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Hormone Replacement Therapy with Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT uses supplemental doses of hormones to replace deficiencies of natural body hormones with synthetic hormones that have identical chemical structure to the natural ones and are easily utilized. Bioidentical hormones are also micronized to ensure the body absorbs as much of the dose as possible.

The amount of bioidentical hormones one should take is individually established by a certified physician who takes into account patient’s medical history and current health conditions associated with hormonal imbalance. Tests have to be performed to correctly evaluate current hormone levels.

There are a few ways to use BHRT treatment depending on symptoms. Hormones can be applied in a form of a cream, a pill, suppository, and they can also be injected.

The amounts of additional hormones need to be calculated to replace of the deficiency but due to rhythmic nature of our bodies, the dose needs to be changed accordingly. This is especially vital among women where the natural reproductive cycle adjusts the kind and amount of hormones in circulation. In this case on most of the days in a month a patient takes a static dose, and during reproductive peaks the dose changes. The most important hormones during that time are progesterone and estrogen. Two types of estrogen in female bodies are estradiol which comes from ovaries, and estrone produced by fat cells.

The estradiol is produced in majority before menopause; later most of estrogen comes from estrone. Female bodies can convert estrone into estradiol but only to a certain level. Any insufficient amounts have to be delivered externally.

Prime Body’s bioidentical hormone replacement expert will determine the exact amount and type of hormone, also the best supplementation method. Hormones only work when delivered through the bloodstream.

Injection is the most direct and efficient way to deliver bioidentical hormones. Orally taken hormones are processed by the liver before they reach bloodstream. Transdermal patches also deliver directly into the bloodstream. Method of administration can have different effect on results. There is also a difference in how much of the medicine is absorbed depending on the method.

Prescribed hormones are available at the pharmacy and usually need to be compounded ahead of time for individual patient. This means a mixture has to be tailored for specific patient in specific dose which is otherwise not commercially available.

The main risk in hormonal therapies is based on the way the hormone is made. BHRT uses bioidentical hormones which have the same structure as the natural ones. Studies have shown positive results in patients using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Studies also show a difference when comparing BHRT to standard hormone replacement therapy.

BHRT can alleviate major symptoms related to menopause like hot flashes, mood changes, depression, fatigue, lack of sleep. Another goal of hormonal therapy is to prevent osteoporosis.

Any hormonal therapy can carry a risk, so it is important to consult with certified professional who will take into account many factors like medical history and current health issues and diet. Based on that and on hormone tests the physician will establish a customized dose of bioidentical hormones and a plan of administration that works with woman’s rhythmic cycle. Prime Body’s program has you covered as our experts are focused on helping each of our patients achieve optimal health.

Did you know that both men and women can have hormonal imbalances which lead to a host of chronic health problems? This can prevent you from enjoying a healthy, vibrant life. The fact is you can have hormonal imbalances and not even know it or think your symptoms are normal or just aging. Nothing can be further from the truth!

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