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(One time payment, includes Bloodwork requisition, evaluation of bloodwork and provider consulation)

You will NOT be charged for any package fees until 48 hours AFTER your consultation and you are able to make any changes to your subscription. After your first consultation your fee will be charged monthly unless you notify us 30 days prior to cancel.

Disclaimer: You will be charged for the evaluation fee of your blood lab work to qualify for the hormone replacement program. $149.00 (Consultation Fee Waived) is for initial bloodwork only. There is a $25 nonrefundable fee for all bloodwork orders purchased.


Additional: You agree to releasing general information to be viewable by your referring ambassador based on discount code (if applicable). Your personal information that will be shared will include first name, last name, beginning date of your program as well as status of your hormone program for the purposes of crediting the ambassador for the referral. All other medical information including program details, medical history and payment transactions are never shared under any circumstance with your referring ambassador.


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